Our company recognises the vital importance of sustainability. We are committed to promoting the sustainability of not only our own fleet but also that of the shipping industry as a whole.


The goal of our sustainability efforts is to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. This is vital for the future of our planet. We therefore take active measures and implement technical innovations on our barges, including with regard to their engines, propulsion systems, and fuel. Sustainable solutions are an integral part of our business.


One of the most important aspects of our sustainability efforts is the implementation of advanced technologies for our barge engines. A large part of our fleet is already equipped with Stage V engines and catalytic converters. Our ultimate aim is to equip our entire fleet with sustainable engines with reduced emissions and more efficient fuel consumption. This extends to using alternative fuels as well as the electrification of our propulsion systems where possible.

We also ensure strict compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, which includes a commitment to zero incidents and zero spills. We always strive to minimise the impact of our activities on aquatic ecosystems.


At Dari, we believe that sustainability is a joint effort. We work with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable solutions throughout the supply chain.

We are firmly committed to providing a sustainable transportation process and to playing a leading role in the transition to a greener water transportation industry. We invest in new technologies and innovative methods to achieve our sustainability goals and to find more environmentally friendly solutions for the transportation process.